Back in Canada, I hosted up to four Sugar Parties a day.  They were addictive so fun.  You and your guest got to play with my 10 million beads and make memories with your friends.  It was the perfect party for children and grandmothers, tea parties, wine clubs, church groups, family reunions, Ya-Ya sisterhoods, book clubs, reunions and even scouts!  Any age could string the beads and each bracelet was unique to its maker.  Easy peasy!  Those were great days.

Now, you will just have to catch one of my classes at Austin Community College.
This fall 2014 and also spring 2015, I will be teaching all over Austin at the Austin Community College Campuses.  
Sign-up for a class and let me show you how fun creating jewelry is.  The classes are for all ages and we will make all kinds of jewelry.  I can't wait to get started.

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