Back in Canad,a I was hosting up to four Sugar Parties a day.  They are addictive! They are so fun, as you get to play with my 10 million beads and make memories with your friends.  It is the perfect party for children and grandmothers, tea parties, wine clubs, church groups, family reunions, Ya-Ya sisterhoods, book clubs, reunions and even scouts!  Any age can string the beads and each bracelet is unique to its maker.  Easy peasy! 

  • It is BYOB and food.  Bring good food and drinks.  I will supply all of the kitchen stuff. There is a full kitchen available.
  • Bring your own music  - CD's or IPod.
  • The more the merrier - even if you have friends that don't want to make a bracelet, make sure that they come anyway as the fun is inclusive.  There is only a charge per bracelet.
  • Plan on a couple of hours.  
  • The first hour is just for switching gears and eating and drinking - it relaxes you so you make pretty jewels.
  • Parties can be planned any time of the day and week.
  • I will gladly supply photos for you invitation and bring your cameras to take photos!
I want you to have fun, so ask for any wishes - I will try to make them come true.

There is no charge to use my building.  The Sugar Spring Bracelet Party is $45 a person, bring 10 people and you are free!  Bring 20+ people to make bracelets and the fee drops to $25 a bracelet!  The more the merrier!

At the end, as each bracelet is made, I finish off the bracelet and tell you about the beads that you picked - vintage, new, wood, pearls, etc. It is called "Being Sugared."   You will love looking at your creation over and over and remembering the party forever.

Call now to book the party!  512-949-9322   The AC is on and it is cool!  Come in~~~> I will give you a tour!
Peaceandsugar,  Gay