Back in Canada, I hosted up to four Sugar Parties a day.  They were addictive and so fun.  You and your guest got to play with my 10 million beads and make memories with your friends.  It was the perfect party for children and grandmothers, tea parties, wine clubs, church groups, family reunions, Ya-Ya Sisterhoods, book clubs, reunions and even scouts!  Any age could string the beads and each bracelet was unique to its maker.  Easy peasy!  Those were great days.

Now, you can have Sugar Parties  - on the go!  I can come to your home, as a private instructor, or you can invite your gal pals to join us at your home or other setting (Dream BIG - let have a party and have everyone bring a dish and a drink!), I will teach the group or you can catch one of my classes at Austin Community College.

If you are interested in private lessons the fee is $40 per hour plus supplies - I come to you - I bring everything that will be needed.  If I am teaching a group - it is the same $40 per hour for the group and then the supplies costs.  I will work with most budgets and all skill levels.  If the class requires a tool kit, you get to keep those as they are in the supply costs and you get to keep those to take home.  I also bring examples, beads, wire or working surface towels to keep the beads from rolling around.  Just add up the hours and divide that fee among the guests.  Typically classes are two - three hours and a ton of fun! I can do as large of a crowd as you can get together! 100?  NO problem!

  • An Evening of Earrings - Supply fee $35 includes a complete tool kit to keep after the course, each student will go home with at least five pairs of earrings of all styles, I bring in hundreds of beads, all kinds of supplies and everyone can keep making wire connected beaded earrings to coordinate with outfits or replace lost earrings.  So Fun!  Bring your reading glasses, if you need them.

  • Connecting Beads with WireSupply fee $35 includes a complete tool kit to keep after the course.  I teach this lost art of creating that makes any kind of jewelry.  The group will complete a necklace and I will whip up a free pair of earrings to go with their creation.  So fun.  Bring your reading glasses, if you need them.
  • HERE is the ACC Course 

  • Cuff Bracelet Making - no tools required - Supply fee $27 - These cuff bracelets look so professional when they are completed they are great for gifts or to sell!  I bring in hundreds of beads of all kinds and colors.  Each bracelet is unique and usually reflects the personality of the maker.Bring your reading glasses, if you need them.
    You will be whipping these up for Christmas presents as they are so fun to make.
  • Here is the ACC Course

  • Basic Stringing Techniques -Supply fee $35 Who doesn't have a broken necklace that they would love to restring?  In this class, you will learn all that of the tips and tricks to create a completed necklace.  I will make a free pair of earrings to coordinate with your new treasure.  I bring everything that is required and it is so fun! Bring your reading glasses, if you need them.
  • New course coming Fall 2015 at ACC

  • Crowns and Tiaras - Supply fee $40 - no tools required - This is a fun class for all ages.  I bring lots of supplies and ideas, and then will help you create your vision.  Really great for bridal parties and even young girls! Bring your reading glasses, if you need them.
  • New course coming Fall 2015 at ACC
  • For the Love of Bracelets - Sugar Springs Bracelets - Great for all age groups! no tool required - Supply fee $25 and I bring amazing beads!  I will make a free pair of earrings for each guest to go with their bracelet.  This is a fun standard for a reason, you can easily eat and drink throughout the process.  So fun!  Wine anyone? Bring your reading glasses, if you need them.

Typical Budget for a Party of Five - An Evening with Earrings - two hours $80 + ($35 x 5) = 255/ 5 = $51 per person

Sign-up for a class and let me show you how fun creating jewelry is.  The classes are for all ages and we will make all kinds of jewelry.  I can't wait to get started.

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