I am ever advancing my skills and perspectives, I'm only as good as my last piece of art or jewel.  I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.  


Seeing what other jewelry designers create rarely interests me. I am inspired by the beads or the bits in front of me while I work.

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It will be all REAL Yummy GEMS and pearls!  

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I love jewelry that sparks a conversation, perhaps you meet a new friend because of it.  I LOVE creating jewelry that you will enjoy each time you wear it.  Post a photo on my Facebook page of you wearing your favorite Gay Isber.


Naturally curious about the natural world and traveling around in it fills my soul.  I have two Master's Degrees and various other degrees because I love learning new things!


You will see photos of me and my sons mixed in with the art and jewels.  You will also see my homes and my stores.  I wish to thank all of those included in the photos - from the photographers, models, stylists, makeup artist, etc.  

I have over 40,000 photo to pick from for this website and I could only choose about 1500.  I love all of the photos and am proud of each one. 

These photos are in no particular order - just random.

Enjoy and thank you!



Editors- need to use a piece of amazing jewelry or need me to whip something for a special shoot?

Just let me know...that's what FedEx is for!
you can call me "Sugar"

Gay Isber Designs Fashion Jewelry Handmade

Seventh generation Texan and also Canadian, Gay Isber aka “Sugar” is the creative

force behind Gay Isber Designs, a jewelry and product design company based in

Austin, Texas.  Victory Marquina of the Houston Fashion Week called her “a guru of

the fashion jewelry industry in Texas” and she is awarding her Jewelry Designer of the Year in 2016. 

Gay has been creating jewelry for over 15 years, been featured in national and international

media, and created jewels for rock stars, divas and royals. 

​Gay has had stores in three locations in the US and in Canada. 

Currently, she is ghost designing a collection for 3000 retail stores plus she will be the newest featured designer on the international cable shopping success story – the Liquidation Channel featuring all real gems and gold. Gay has been teaching for Austin Community College since 2012.  You can take her classes or take private lessons.  Find her on all social media as Sugar Gay Isber.